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Grown out of MIT and Harvard University, our team has extensive research experience from various urban technology and design projects between the two leading universities and other global industry actors. Based in Boston, we continue to build upon our connections with multiple MIT and Harvard labs as our back-end think tanks.

adele santos.jpg

Former Dean of MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Adele Santos


Head of City Design and Development Group, MIT DUSP

Brent D. Ryan, PhD

andrea simitch.jpg

Chair of the Department of Architecture at Cornell University

Andrea L. Simitch

andrea chegut.jpg

Co-Founder and Director of the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab

Andrea M. Chegut, PhD

miho mazereeuwjpg.jpg

Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at MIT and Director of the MIT Urban Risk Lab

Miho Mazereeuw


Associate Professor of Architecture at Harvard GSD and Founder of WW Architecture

Ron Witte

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