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John Rong

Director of Hotel Design

John Rong is a National First-Class Certified Architect based in Shanghai and Canada, with
more than twenty years of practice experience. He has obtained his M.Arch from Southeast University, where he studied under Academician Jian Guo Wang in the late 1990’s, and completed his thesis research on the topic “Urban Renewal of Industrial Adaptation and Reuse,” which has been widely published in renowned national publications. He was the corresponding author and co-editor with Academician Wang of the book Industrial Architectural Reuse. Their research has garnered wide attention within China and served to popularize large-scale interventions and practices in China, preventing the total destruction of industrial heritage during urban renewal processes. Rong’s professional career is characterized by his consistent adherence to design philosophies that harmonize the relationship between architecture and its sociocultural contexts, balancing between contemporality, culture, climate, construction and spatial qualities. His representative works include The Westin Shimei Bay Resort in Hainan, InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise, among 70+ projects in his portfolio.

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